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Be Unique with a DIY Plantable Rakhi

Your brother might be the most annoying person on the entire planet yet you always go to the extreme lengths to get him the best Rakhi you can, don’t you? There are so many options available in the market nowadays from gold rakhis to LED ones and every year the range keeps getting wider and wider, but even after all the beautiful rakhis available in the market, the charm of a handmade rakhi is unbeatable. You might have tried numerous DIY rakhis, even some eco-friendly rakhis too to make this auspicious day a little special but have you ever been the most unique out there with an eco-friendly DIY Plantable Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan signifies the “Bond of Protection”, a day on which a brother promises to protect her sister while she prays for his good health. Rakhi, a delicate string, sings the ballads of their love and life long bond. But when the days of celebration are over and the rakhis leave the wrist of their owner, all these non-biodegradable plastic rakhis do is contribute to the plastic pollution around us. They harm the environment by collecting over the lands, being washed up into the water bodies around, polluting the air by becoming microplastic etc. To prevent the symbol of protection from becoming the reason of pollution, we have come up with the idea of Plantable Seed Rakhis, which won’t just show the sentimental value of the bond but will be present with your brother for a long time as a plant/tree. These are perfect to show the relationship between a brother and sister which is not only so exceptional and distinctive but is also forever growing and nurturing just like a plant or tree. You keep watering them both with love and see it growing, giving shade and providing protection, always. Raksha Bandhan celebration gives life to this bond. So this Raksha Bandhan let’s celebrate Vrikshabandhan and learn how to make super easy Eco-Friendly DIY Plantable Rakhi and give life to a plant too.

Steps to make DIY plantable seed rakhi at home:

Material Required -     

  • Three different colours of woollen threads
  • Matching colours of regular threads.
  • Desired seeds to be stuck on the Rakhi
  • Two circular cardboard cut-outs of 4cms and 7cms respectively
  • A regular bangle


  1. Take any one of the regular threads and start wrapping it around the bangle along the diameter almost 30 – 40 times, creating a cluster of thread in the middle of the bangle. Tie the thread in the middle and cut the thread from the top and bottom of the cluster and spread out all the threads forming a circular shape of the thread.
  2. Repeat the first step with another colour thread and cut it to make a smaller circular shape than the former thread. Stick the smaller circular cut-out of 4cms in the middle, on the previously formed round thread. Tie both of them together.
  3. Take the three different coloured woollen threads and cut out equal lengths for each thread. Make a knot of the woollen threads in the middle-end and start overlapping individual thread over each other just like you do like creating a plait 2 inches before the thread ends. Make sure both ends of the woollen threads after making the plait are cut off and you can comb the ends if you want for giving a frizzy hairstyle look.
  4. Take the circular shapes made by normal threads long woollen thread and tie it to the centre of the long woollen thread and you can see the “Rakhi Shape” coming along.
  5. Finally, stick the seed of your choice on the middle Rakhi and your Eco-friendly Seed Rakhi has been formed.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!  Your DIY Plantable Seed Rakhi is ready and for any more help, you can watch this video too.

Don’t only protect and wish good health for your brother, protect and wish good health for the environment too. It’s time to treat the environment as a sibling too. So let’s celebrate Vrikshabandhan this Raksha Bandhan.

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