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Break-Up From Plastic day

Plastic is creating a mess everywhere; in your house, in the country and in your workplace too. Delete the plastic from your life, how India deleted the Teen Talak system or even TikTok

These decisions were taken for the country, for a good cause.

So why not this Independence day let's delete all the plastic things you have in your workplace.

We took a decision then, we can take one now.

If you are practising a non-plastic lifestyle, we applaud you. But if you still use it, Lets together make a pledge: One habit you will change to become plastic-free this year. And stick to it.

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We are thinking of taking a break from plastic because it's too toxic for us!
For us, it's a break-up from the plastic day!
Would you like to make this any better?
Give your suggestions in the comment section and if selected we will coin the day on your suggestion.
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