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Chalice of life - Menstrual cup

One morning at the age of 13, I woke up with a different feeling, a feeling which said something is changing inside you. It was a normal school day so I started with my normal routine of getting ready for school; it was when I went to the toilet and saw the blood droplets on the floor that I freaked!! I called for my mother, she came with a piece of cotton gauge and reassured me that this is a very normal thing for all women. She sat me down and explained what was happening to me. Since that time I have put women before men in my mind, call me Feminist or Feminazi or whatever, but the moon shines upon us and we are gifted with the possibility of life. We are what brings life.

When all the boys at that age were busy running around and playing sports and teasing girls, girls were busy maturing and making sure everything is normal while going through this huge change in them suddenly.
I started with using the sanitary pads and had been using it since then until very recently when I stumbled upon #MENSTRUALCUP. Initially the pad felt weird enough, with everything that comes along with it, like the putting it properly, rashes, spillage, staining and changing it from time to time and the BIGGEST question – how do I dispose the used ones and where? What happens to the disposed sanitary napkins never crossed my mind.

It was only the year 2016, the year that changed a lot of things for me, when I started consciously working towards a better tomorrow for my country and other human beings. I already had started active waste segregation and composting my kitchen and wet waste; carefully collecting my dry waste and sending it to the dry waste management centre for recycling. Only questionable item I had in my waste collection were sanitary pads, although I covered it in brown bag and gave separately to the waste collection person, I was not satisfied. This is when by cosmic connection the #MENSTRUALCUP fell into my lap.

#Menstrualcup – a harmless, soft , small, cup like thing made of medical grade silicone which the women on her moon cycle embraces and puts it inside her cervix. The cup collects the menstrual blood for a period of 3-4 hours and then one needs to take it out, empty the blood and washes a with clean water and then insert it back inside.

Initially one might feel difficulty in putting it inside and being comfortable with it. But
remember – from your very first cycle your body is ready to make a child inside you and also bring it in this world. Keeping this thought in mind be rest assure that this cup CAN DO NO HARM while putting it inside, while it is inside or when you are taking it out.

What is most important to understand here for the one using the cup is that the cup makes you very comfortable with your body! You are not ashamed of touching your body, you are not ashamed of having a few drops of your own menstrual blood on your fingers and you are not ashamed of having your periods. We the women have to stand together to break the taboo associated with menstruation and menstrual blood, we are not faint hearted, we are STRONG!!      


Menstrual cup has given me freedom of – running, cycling, jogging, gyming, swimming, trekking and doing about anything at all during my periods. You are free from the tension of rashes, free from dislocating the napkin and free from any kind of infection. You are free from changing and disposing the pad.

A very important feel good factor – a woman, a giver, a provider – you are not contributing into any kind of garbage generation just by being a woman.


By choosing menstrual cup I choose a better world for me and everybody else.

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