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7 Tricks to Engage Employees during lockdown 

We are living in an age of technology where virtually we can be with each other. All our actions and reactions are molded by innovation. This year has come to a standstill because of the pandemic that has taken us with a huge surprise. But this has not stopped us from working and enjoying a little laughter with our colleagues.  The rundown of effects is long, and it incorporates the work culture as well. Well earlier, where working was supposed to be done at our workplace now with the advent of technology it is possible to work from anyplace with a proper internet connection.

This can be ascribed to the steady advancement in cloud computing. Considering the scenario, this advancement has come in extremely helpful at this point. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed the technological advancement of our society and led us ways to take our work forward virtually. Almost all the workplaces have assigned work from home. This has driven numerous organizations to strategize a work from home strategy. This system keeps employees busy with their work while they are at home while they are safe with ongoing organizations. Thus, the charge to keep the employees committed and engaged goes to HR pioneers. They are responsible for maintaining the employee engagement levels if the workforce is scattered across.

Here are some engaging activities that you can use to keep your employees happy and engaged:

1.The Health Challenge

You can divide the different departments into each team and conduct a contest. You can incorporate certain wellbeing challenges for your remote workers as a piece of group building activity. Employees can be engaged in an activity where an X number of sit ups and push up should be done. Each team will get points based on active participants. This can be a monthly activity, where in by the end of the month the whole score board can be tallied. You can pick the team which won and surprise them with exciting prizes. You can also conduct meetings to help emotional wellness of your telecommuters over video conferencing stressing over mental health. 

2. Stay connected with Facts

Google can sure tell us about facts, but it is always fun to discuss something interesting with our colleagues. Create a virtual meet up with your employees every day. Digging up facts is another way to educate your employees about lesser-known facts. For conducting this programme, you can request that your groups choose a zone and afterwards uncover some stunning less well-established facts about it. It is an excellent group building action as it unites everybody for conveying one regular thing. With this, your employees will get an insight on how to work as a team and it will help them in getting to know each other personally. 

3. Weekly Quiz

Quiz can be very helpful in keeping up the spirits of your employees. Often what happens in a workplace is that we do not get to meet most of the people who are working in another departments. You can mix match and put members from each department and make a single team. This will enhance your employee’s quick skills and will give them the platform to showcase their knowledge. You can conduct the quiz theme wise or it can be based on any work-related topic. So, quiz on and may the best team win!

4. Storytelling

It can be an exciting activity which can be carried out easily. The only thing you can do is to give a few random words which will be standard for everyone. After that, ask them to create a story using those random words. This activity can bring out real fun and showcase the talent of storytelling. Not only this builds a storyline to use the creative side, but it also helps employees to listen to each other and improve cooperation amongst team members. This activity paves a way to enrich their listening skills and thus by helping them with their communication skills.

5. Pictionary

Playing Pictionary has always proved in helping as an icebreaker! You can put out any random picture and ask them about how it relates to their life. You can have this game of Pictionary once after break time. This will also help them in breaking the monotony of their daily routine and engage themselves in a fun activity. 

6. Slice of life

In this activity will be asked to share a slice of their life. You can start the session by starting with your own piece of life. The session can be started with a funny incident that has happened to you and then you can ask other people to start sharing a slice of their life. Make sure to keep the tone of activity very light and informal. Not only this builds a storyline to use the creative side, but it also helps employees to listen to each other and improve cooperation amongst team members.

7. Decorate your workplace

Due to remote working, home and workplace have become the same place. You can ask your employees to jazz their work place a little. It is very important to make sure that one’s working conditions are favorable to them. A decorative workplace can keep them concentrated on their work thus giving us more rewarding surplus. You can announce the decorative workplace of the week. Urge your employees to also participate in a virtual office set up where people can go into break out rooms and share a joke and continue with their work! 

Employee happiness is the key to running a successful enterprise. Engage your employee and give them reasons to smile while they are working. Every team building activity counts to corporate engagement. So, keep motivating them and let their shining smile speak for themselves. 




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