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Infinite Human Time on Earth through #ShopSustainability

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We are a group of aware citizens who aim to do things which are eco-friendly in nature and motivate human behavior to change in a sustainable way.

We aim at building a much more aware, bright and greener planet by providing alternative, natural & reusable products/options to shop for the citizens of this earth rather than the chemical/disposable products.

This will reduce garbage/landfills; uplift use of natural/degradable materials; also raise the overall health of all our users and this earth.
All this is possible by using organic/natural ingredients instead of the currently available chemical counterparts in the market today.

Currently we are actively campaigning against the Plaster of Paris idols of Ganpati. The POP idols are really harmful for all the water bodies and its inhabitants. The POP idols when immersed in water, release cancer causing chemicals in the water. The post Visarjan havoc when broken parts of idols are strewn around the city, is just too painful for us to see


When we could not bear it anymore, hence we came up with a solution – GREEN GANESHA!!

Yes the answer to the woes of POP Ganesha and much more is here. GREEN GANESHA is made of natural soil and clay. These idols are hollow from inside and are filled with cocopeat, manure and sead balls. For the first 1-11 days the Ganpati will reside inside your house and one would worship him. On the day of Visarjan the Ganpati is transferred outside (garden, balcony, terrace, window, water body etc.) in a tray/pot of manure and one starts pouring water on him everyday. And in a matter of 4-5 days a sapling will appear!

Yes, you have a GREEN GANESHA now that gives back to the environment and you with vegetables and flowers and does not harm it in any manner.



WE request you – our fellow human/earthling, to help us in spreading this message and reaching out to all citizens of India; so that we can save our lakes, reduce garbage and make our Gods give us back! Literally :)

We hope you understand that this is for an overall benefit and not any personal gain. We believe that if we all act together & think about what we are buying then nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

We can all keep shopping; and we can all save the planet together, if we just do it sensibly by #shopsustainability.

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