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Join the #periodtalk- Be vocal about menstrual cycle!

Periods are unfortunately still a topic of social stigma. Not being able to talk about it makes it worse. Sustainify is on a mission to remove the taboo. We don’t shy away from talking about periods because the more you talk about it, the less awkward it becomes. Most of the workplaces have started inculcating washrooms with pad vending machines. Things are changing, and Sustainify stands with the change. Be a part of the change.

Diversity in the workforce has proven to be more fruitful and has also helped companies become more conscious. As we go further on the way to equality, there is still a race going on. Sustainify makes sure that nothing stops you. Eco period kit ensures that you have everything you need during your menstruation cycle. The world needs you, don’t let anything come in your way. Give it your best shot at work, while we take care of the rest. Be the woman you needed as a girl.

Only 36 Percent of Women Use Sanitary Pads in India. People in the rural area are still using traditional cloth method to manage their periods days. As a result of these unhygienic methods, one out of every five girls drops out of school. Women like you can help them to become independent like you. Bring the change with Sustainify eco kit and donate them the gift of sustainability. Join the periods talk and tag your blood sisters too!

Sustainify believes that every citizen of Planet Earth should get an equal opportunity to save the planet. With Sustainify, you can also be a soldier of the planet earth and avoid using hazardous pads which takes hundreds of years to decompose. With Sustainify Eco period kit you can save the planet and manage your periods at the same time. Here is the link to your way of sustainability: Let's break the Taboo this Tuesday and speak up about periods with #jointhetalk

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