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Makeover for your workstation day

Working from home has taken a toll on all of us. Whenever we open the news it is always one thing which we keep on hearing that is the corona. Nobody knows when this pandemic is ending and there are enough reasons to claim that 2020 is not the best year. Amongst all of this let’s take a moment and thank or stars on making it this far! We can either look back and crib or look forward to making the given situation favourable to us. We can make things interesting sitting at home also. I know you must be bored of staring at the window, so let’s make the view of your work station interesting. Here are the five ways in which you can make your work station look all glam.


Light it up


 Remember, how we all fancy those small decorative coffee shops? One of their key ingredients in making their place pretty is fairy lights. You can also give your work station a revamped look with the use of fairy lights. These lights are easily available online, and there are lots to choose from. You can either stack them up or hang them in your working space. They will make your workspace shine. When the ambience is right you will want to work from home!


Put on some music


Put on some music, don’t be so dull. There’s music for every mood available at all the streaming apps. Groove to whatever you feel like! Shake your body a little if you want to. Make your work fun, why stick to that boring work regime? Work with the tunes.


Get a bean bag


Why stick to that boring chair? Shift to a bean bag instead. Get comfy and start working. The bean bag will make you feel so warm that you would not want to leave it and go. Get some cushions on the side to go and you will have a perfect sitting set up.


Get a companion


Get a companion at your workplace with a table plant. Whenever you get bored while working, you can always share your thoughts with the plant. You won’t be sitting all by yourself after all. Your plant can be your working companion and trust me when I say this it won’t tell your secret to anyone else!


Throw your plastic

 Dump all the toxic plastic that you see and opt for a sustainable option. Sustainify Office kit provides you with all the office supply you need. You can stuff your snackable in the lunch box and get yourself some coffee with the coffee mug. Take notes in the recycled notebook and not to miss with the seed pens. Each seed contains a unique plant which you can plant after your pen’s ink gets over.

With these steps, you will have an awesome work station! What are you waiting for? Give your workstation the makeover that it deserves.


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