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“If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I'd give you my lungs so you could breathe…”

Our brothers might annoy us however much they want but we all know that’s their style of showing love and we may want to kill them several times on the same day but even they know that’s our style of showing love (or maybe not is some particularly absurd situations they put us in). Whatever it may be the bond between a brother and a sister will remain as pure and deep as the above lines from the 2018 song Brotherby Kodaline. The trends may come and go just like the annoying haircuts of our brothers but love we have for each other won’t ever change and so won’t change the excitement we have for Raksha Bandhan.

During Raksha Bandhan, commonly known as Rakhi, we girls get particularly excited for Rakhi shopping. We want to get the best and the most trending rakhi out there. We want the year’s style quotient. We want our brothers to love our Rakhi and we want other’s brothers to be in awe of ours. We run after fancy stylish rakhis and somewhere in between all that running, we forgot about what this thread actually symbolises. It’s never been about having the best-looking rakhi, its always been about the life long bond that reminds us no matter where we are located in the world, the siblings are always standing shoulder to shoulder beside each other but these Plantable Seed Rakhis have brought these sentiments back. And not only that they have brought it back in style.

Pantable Seed Rakhis are the Rakhi 2020 trends. They are not only the best rakhi gift that you can buy for your brothers they are also the style quotient that’s going to set them apart from the crowd. So let’s commemorate VrikshaBandhan this Raksha Bandhan with plantable eco-friendly rakhi. A seed rakhi which can be sown and grown into a beautiful plant just like your relationship.

Now, let’s see the three reasons why Plantable Rakhis are the new Style Quotient

  • Biodegradable: These rakhis comprise organic fibre, threads, and recyclable paper. From making the unique collection of rakhis to packaging it for customers, every step and product used is made from scrap material or is eco-friendly. They not only look stylish but also are affordable and open to customization.
  • They are plantable: Your beautiful DIY eco-friendly rakhi can also be planted. Yes, you heard it right. You’re saving the environment as even if 50% of Indian population ties rakhi made of plastic and each rakhi will at least contain 1 gm of plastic beads. So literally, 670 tons of plastic is been used for rakhi, which will initially go into the dustbin. Rather than stressing the environment, even more, use plantable seed rakhi, which will be unique and also protect nature.
  • Unique surprise: You can gift this beautiful and eco-friendly rakhi to anyone. They contain not only rakhi but also biodegradable packing. People would love these handmade gifts as it gives personal emotions. It’s an innovative idea of sustainable gifting. Gift them and let the love grow, it will not only delight them with your green gesture but will also make them a part of making this world a better place.

The seed Rakhi can reduce land and water pollution as after festival these plastic rakhis are dumped in the landfill as they are non-biodegradable or manages to pollute water bodies like the ocean, lake, and river and affects marine life. After eco-friendly gulaal for Holi, fireworks manufacturer has dwelled on developing eco-friendly fireworks for Diwali, and for Raksha Bandhan, the bazaar is filled with eco-friendly rakhi to choose from. There has been a spike in the eco-friendly market as consumers are slowly realizing the importance of protecting our environment. So, what are you waiting for? Order your hamper today and enjoy and sustainify Rakhi Festival this season! 2020 has already been difficult, so let’s take one positive step and make rakhi 2020 eco-friendly.

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