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Saying ''More-yeah'' for Eco-Friendly Ganesh Visarjan

With Sustainify's Eco Ganesha kit, there will be no hassles in Visrajan any more. The best part of this pandemic is we can perform it all while working from home. Our magical Eco Ganesha will just grow into a plant and stay with you forever. Let's be all be a part of the Visrajan the eco-friendly way.

Everyone's face just goes down when Bappa just leaves us and goes after 10 long days of staying with us. But this Visrajan it is different because Ganpati stays with us. What better way to see then being a plant and watching us all!

Relive those old memories on dancing to Jai Deva Shree Ganesha Beats! Take some Sindur and put it on each other's face virtually on the occasion of this holy Visarjan. Don't let the festive spirit die!

This festive season comes to an end with this day. But, thank god for the leftover Modak we can go on with the nostalgia for a while. Well thank god for our 1000 of Gods, festivals never come to an end. Don't be upset because Ganesha just inaugurated the festive season!
Utsav Abhi Baki hai mere dost! Tell us how this year's Visrajan was different from last year?

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