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Sustainify your Health with organic fruits and vegetables forever !

 Mini Farm     

          Mini Farm  


As an effort to outgrow hunger in the world and to make your and your family health right we invented the mini farm. This 12 feet long farm can grow organic vegetables and fruits for your entire family. You can grow as many as 15 types of vegetables, herbs and fruits in this mini wonder. Add onions and chillies in the mix of vegetables to keep pests and insects away from your crop. Maximise your life, always eat organic, home grown and fresh produce. Share with your neighbours and friends.

Add a kitchen composter or a bio composter to complete the cycle. From vegetables to manure to gas to cook them - now this is what we call as nature's Super Power.

  • Any/Every empty space around like terraces, garden, parking etc can be utilized to grow fresh, organic vegetables and fruits.
  • The full cycle of sustainability can be achieved.
  • From kitchen waste to manure to vegetables again.

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