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Women's Equality Day- The Sheros of the modern world!

India has achieved a lot since independence but providing equality for women isn’t one of the strongest suits. Breaking the shackles of the rigid society, women have still managed to come this far. From your grandmother to your mother everyone has struggled in their life to give you a better life. When empowering happens right at the house then why should Sustainify stay aside? We salute the womanhood which represents a creation of life and their livelihood. This Women’s Equality Day, pamper yourself with the morning care package for your fresh start in making history every day.

In the last few years, we have seen more women rise to the higher levels of companies. By making progress in gender diversity, many companies have already proved it to us that they believe in women's leadership. Having an equal gender ratio helps in making the working environment more smooth sailing. By including both the gender and focusing their attention on the work module, companies can finally put end to these gender gaps. 

The word hero was derived from the priestess of Aphrodite but later on, somehow it just became a very masculine word. Any person who has shown immense courage or nobility of purpose is considered to be a hero by the dictionary. On this occasion of Gender Equality day, Sustainify wants to identify the sheroes of our society. So tag your sheroes and make them a part of the celebration.

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