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Our Story

For we wanted to become our own superheroes! Yes, we the cool people, also yearned to become comic con eligible Batman or Spiderman.

our story

It all started with a super basic and super prevalent problem- on a trek to Laddakh, we literally saw how alarmingly Siachen glacier has melted. We tried to joke about it, but deep within we knew: we knew that Global Warming isn’t a prediction anymore; it’s happening now. The snowcaps are melting and the temperatures are rising. And we knew only a superhero could save us now


Once back home, we knew   we had to do something about it- we just didn’t know what. So, we started with the best and the most niche place to begin the charity- yes, Home.

We made a switch- a strict no-plastic-at-home curfew was levied, plastic straws were replaced by bamboo ones, from chemical-laced shampoos, we moved to organic ones, clay Ganesha idols swapped places with older non-dissolvable idols, and we persuaded our female friends to try menstrual cups instead of the regular sanitary napkins! 




But, as they say, one swallow does not make summer, we knew that changes needed to come at the smallest of levels, we needed to make these everyone’s lifestyle. And that’s how the idea of Sustainify was created.

Here, we believe that we don’t need superpowers to make this world a better place, we need a super sustainable lifestyle for that,
and that’s how a superhero will be born in each one of us.


As superheroes you do not go fighting Spawn/Green Lantern, you go & make the world a greener place.
You’re not Guardians of the Galaxy, but you’re on way to guard this Earth.
U know we need to save the beaches now, for there’s no real Aquaman.
Don’t wait for Professor X to come to rescue us for you know there’s no Plan(et) B.

You become the real heroes! 




You ask how

* We don’t throw away one-time-use straws, instead, we use bamboo straws which are a part of our even our travel kits now. We don’t buy liquids in plastic bottles anymore, we carry our own water bottle 

* and we don’t buy chemical-laced veggies anymore, instead, in whatever little space we have, we try to grow our own!

* And did we mention, we moved to carpooling- we make new friends on the way,

* AND we reduce our carbon footprint, even if it is very little.

We are on a mission to save Mother Earth through
conscious consumerism.
If that doesn’t make us a superhero, we don’t know what will.
And we want all of us to join hands together in this,
and bring out the superhero from within.


Switch to a sustainable lifestyle;

even if it starts from as little as replacing our plastic toothbrushes (yes, SUSTAINIFY everything) and become a hero or even a super!