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Location - MATHURA District in North of India
Also very well known worldwide as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, who is also well known as Arjun's "sarathi" in the epic battle of Mahabharata, where he recited the HOLY Book of Geeta to Arjun. Hence our collection vehicle is aptly termed as "#EcoSarathi"

Did YOU know? 

 Door to door waste collection facility available only in 44 wards out of 70 in Nagar Nigam Mathura-Vrindavan.

450gm per capita day waste generated by 2019 projected population. 

Not enough resources to handle 30 to 20 metric tonne per day non-biodegradable waste. However, a lot of it can be reused and up cycled….and that is the long-term Solution. 

#EcoSarathi #TidyTrails Sustainify PepsiCo Plastic Upcycling Mathura Vrindavan

A sustainable, full-circle economy solution with Sustainify, India’s trusted eco-conscious lifestyle brand 

Sustainify is proud to be associated with Tidy Trails, a special waste management initiative to sustainably manage post-use plastic waste in Mathura-Vrindavan.

 In collaboration with  PepsiCo, the Janamashtami-launched campaign,  is geared to upcycle plastic waste collected daily from 400 local establishments.  

This plastic waste will then be repurposed into useful products like chairs and tables, that'll be installed at public places across Mathura-Vrindavan.

Ecosarathi Tidytrails PepsiCo Sustainify

Right message. Right intention 


Strong, durable, water-proof, and almost indestructible, the benefits of plastic are many.

Then, why ban it when we can use it for something smarter, something better? 


Remember plastic was created to save the environment and remove pressure on trees for paper. 

It is better to reuse waste and upcycle plastic than completely ban it.  


Making the world a better place with Sustainify 


Eco Sarathi campaign aims to spread awareness among the masses on how to appropriately segregate and dispose of their daily waste.

 Besides helping repurpose used plastic waste, the campaign is likely to create a behavioral shift in transforming consumers' approach towards plastics, and the environment at large.

Ecosarathi Tidytrails PepsiCo Sustainify plastic upcycling full circle economy mathura vrindavan
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