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ESG & Sustainability Strategy Summit: Mumbai 2022

We shop from our favorite brands, watch Netflix and follow Social media trends and the television is always on in the background, for comfort and entertainment is all that matters.

Maybe the people are right. Maybe there is no escape from the great climate apocalypse that’s waiting for us in the future and any attempts to fight it are futile. Or maybe the trivialization of climate change has reached a point of no return, so that most people see it as just another news article in the newspaper, and those who bother to pay attention to it are just curious readers and not action takers.

But we at NatureCalls don't think so. Hope is out there, and the ordinary citizens of the world who are part of some extra-ordinary organizations of the country…still filled with passion in the midst of hopelessness,are trying to find a solution, to at least make the world more sustainable through their business.

Nature has been calling us and we’re happy to share that the businesses are now listening. At the ESG & Sustainability Strategy Summit in Mumbai, over 30+ publicly listed organizations participated including Industry leaders like IBM, Reliance Industries, Tata Communications, PepsiCo, Dalmia Group, Godrej Properties etc. All came forward to give paramount importance to the raising concerns around the need for Sustainability.

From April 2023, it will be mandatory for the country's top 1,000 listed companies to produce a business responsibility and sustainability report as part of their more traditional annual financial report. Organizations are already adopting international standards and frameworks such as those for integrated reporting, complying with those standards produced by the Global Reporting Initiative or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and their alignment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

With a view to emerge at the top with respect to ESG commitments, CSR & Sustainability heads from across Industries zeroed-in on their respective sustainability plans and strategies for the coming years… building an atmosphere conducive for learning.

Anubhav Gupta, Godrej Properties rightly highlighted the importance of bringing about a “behavioral change” in people and how simple switches in lifestyle can help - for example, placing the electricity meter in an area that’s visible to all can bring down the electricity consumption significantly.

NatureCalls is all about enabling consumers and businesses to bring this “switch” in their lives with their plug-n-play sustainability solutions. A turnkey, end-to-end provider for accelerating

any organization's ESG transformation, NatureCalls was the official gold sponsor for the 2-Day conference.

Having a team across India, NatureCalls is fully equipped to not just plan but also, implement. From Carbon Offsetting programs, creating circular economy solutions, organizing employee engagement programs, to offering eco-friendly products… it is a one-stop solution for organizations to effortlessly cut through multiple complex sustainability challenges within and without organization.

“I imagine the people expect our planet to somehow adjust to the endless exploitation without understanding what can and cannot be compromised, or to admit their own responsibility to consciously consume. Having successfully served our past clients such as PepsiCo, Ola, Tata Trust, Dettol, ForeverMark, Bigbasket and more…we look forward to working with more companies who wish to wake up from the deep sleep of ignorance. “ - Founder, Mayank Agarwal, NatureCalls

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