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Go Car Free and Save Money

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

'I make you travel throughout the city-And I help to keep you and your environment fit''-What am I? Yes, you guessed it right-I'm a Sustainable BICYCLE. I give you a sustainable solution to save the Earth and your health too! Get into sustainable living and do great savings!

About Seventy-five percent of carbon monoxide emissions come from automobiles. In urban areas, harmful automotive emissions are responsible for anywhere between 50 and 90 percent of air pollution. Lead a zero-waste lifestyle with a Hence, this Car-Free Day, give your ears a break and shift from the steering wheel to cycle gear. Paddle away and go the extra mile and avoid cars for a better future this car-free day.

Meanwhile don't forget to hydrate yourself while touring around the city. Sustainify presents the "shrinkable water sipper" which listens to your water's space issues! With this sipper, you can stay hydrated on the go! No more hunting for clean drinking water when you are outside, just carry your sipper!

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