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Didn’t we all enjoy that cool and soothing sip of coconut water on a hot summer day? But did it ever cross our minds that what happens to the shells after we dispose of them? Sustainify is back with its cape on to provide a coconutty solution to the toxic problems. Thinking what are the coconut benefits that we have in store for you this time? Well, this time we have more than just mugs and bowls. Find the coconut products in your cleaning set that you disposed of after finishing that coconut water. 

Why gift a coconut gift set to someone?


The thought never crossed our minds that what happens to the thousands and millions of coconut shells that we throw away. Well, these shells are burned each other as waste resulting in unnecessary harm to our environment by emitting CO2 and Methane. 


Just after you are done utilizing each and every part of the coconut, from the water to the soft meat, we come in the picture and create some more utilities from the remaining. A set of natural products crafted for your convenience... from coconut planter, to coconut candles... we got all different uses of coconut shells under one roof!

As study suggests, approx 1.5 kg of shell is lost from coconut consumption, that indicates an overall waste of 3 million tonnes.

The primary use of coconut shells is to make charcoal, otherwise the shells are mostly thrown away.

Coconut shells are a burden if not recycled... tonnes of coconut shells get accumulated in the landfills & the process of biodegrading them is very slow. 

Burning and discarding coconut shells mindlessly results in air pollution, land pollution & problems with clogged waterways.

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