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Planning to travel soon or know a friend that's going on a vacation? Travelling doesn’t mean you’ve to rely on one-time use products only, but with a little care, you can take the future journey up a notch with our eco-friendly travel kit. 

Why should you buy a sustainable travel kit?

 A perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

That last-minute travel plans. that much-awaited business meet...sounds exciting. But it's problematic when you have to buy unnecessary travel essentials whenever a new trip comes on. Bringing sustainability in travel has always been a challenge.

With Sustainfy, you can flow with your travel impulse and plan a sustainable vacation supporting the eco friendly tourism industry by becoming a sustainable traveller.
Travelling With Sustainify Travel Kit= All in one travel essentials+ Eco-Friendly+ Get to support Green Travelling

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that 4.8 million tonnes, 14 per cent of all solid waste, is produced each year solely by tourists.

Local authorities face a big problem when tourists generate large amount of single-use plastic waste.

Studies show that on an average each tourist, produces 1.67 kg waste.

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