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Be a flagbearer of conscious consumerism and living a less wasteful or zero waste lifestyle for that is now a well-trodden path. There are guides, maps, hacks, plans, challenges and beautiful pictures to help get you on your way. It's time you and we and everyone sustainify our lives, for that is the coolest thing to do.

Become a part of the Zero Waste community and be the supportive, inspiring individual who is looking to change the world. 

Why buy our all-in-one sustainability kit?


There is now general acceptance that the predictions of the scientists have to be taken seriously. Forecasts for 2100 include:

  • Temperatures will increase by anywhere up to 6°C.

  • Sea levels are likely to increase between 50 cm and 100 cm.

  • Rainfalls will decline, with recent research from the CSIRO/BoM predicting that once-in-20-year droughts will occur every second year.

These changes in turn are predicted to destroy the Great Barrier Reef, eliminate snow from Australia and reduce agricultural yields by between 15 percent and 20 percent.This will clearly have primary impact on certain industries (such as tourism and insurance), but it is recognised that with significant impact on food production, it will ultimately affect the global community and the global economy. 




It is high time that we start taking Charity begins at home phrase seriously. Let sustainibility become as much a part of our lives as is eating, sleeping or...breathing. Only then will we be able to face the montrosities of global warming, ozone depletion and massive carbon footprints, properly.

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