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 Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Participation

Every corporate has a responsibility towards the society and its environment. ESG commitments made by corporates must be supported by measurable actions that are frequently reviewed and improvised. If your organisation wishes to achieve its sustainability target, the core shift needs to come in the mindset of the leaders. No matter what business department you look at - operations, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing or HR - sustainability should come to your mind everytime.


Every leader that wishes to be the global leader who contributes to sustainable value creation needs support to align sustainability  with its business objectives because one can not survive without the other in the long run. 

Employees spend a huge amount of their waking hours in their workplaces. Naturally, health has a lot to do with the company's work environment and work culture. And if you as their leader are able to instil a sense of purpose that is larger than the usual - they will give back a 100% and we shall realise first hand how employees can play a major role in creating business. All you need to do is show them the path! 


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