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Corporate Purpose Definition & Employee Team Building Activities 

Corporates have a major responsibility towards the world – the responsibility to ensure and encourage their employees into responsible behaviour towards the society and planet. Build a strong corporate purpose with Sustainify so you know when to take punitive action against ignorant behaviour within the organisation or when to reward. Did you know...85% of purpose-driven companies show positive top-line growth. The figure drops to just 42% when looking at non purpose-led companies. 

Before organising any team building activities for employees, our team first understands your employees... choosing the right kind of activity is crucial. For example, in most companies today employees seek career progression in their profession more than anything. They want to be in a job that helps them grow as an individual, personally and professionally. They want to shape their careers with every job role they play progressively. For such set of people, it will be crucial to strategize a team building activity that helps them grow professionally or demonstrate their skills while they indulge in something light-hearted. 

Employee Team Building Activities 

Redefining "Human" In Companies

Employees as brand ambassadors

Development Opportunities 


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