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Become a part of the Zero Waste community and be the supportive, inspiring individual who is looking to change the world. 


Package Includes

This kit is the simplest and most wholesome way of sustainifying every aspect of your life, whether you want to start with your garden, skin or even periods. It comes with 11 different kits which target to give an eco-friendly makeover to even the smallest nuance of your life. 


The kits include -

  • Sustainify your BABY BLUES Feeding Bottle (1 unit, 300 mL), Wipes (1 pack=72 units), Diapers (1 pack=28 units), Bamboo Teether (1 unit), Towel (1 unit), and Comforter (1 unit)
  • Sustainify your BAGS Denim bag (1 unit), Jute bag (1 unit), Storage Bags (1 unit), Wallet (1 unit), Laptop Bag (1 unit), Garbage Bag
  • Sustainify your Cleaning Detergent (1 pack=400 g), Dish soap (1 pack=810 mL), Handwash (1 pack=50 g), Floor cleaner (1 pack=400 mL), Cleaning cloth (Set of 4), Gloves (Pair of 5), Scrubber (Pack of 6), Dustbin bags (3 Packs x 15 units each)
  • Sustainify your GARDEN Tomato, Carrot, Sweet Corn, Papaya, Coriander (100 seeds each), Cocopeat (1 brick), Soil (5 kg), Planters (Set of 5)
  • Sustainify your KITCHEN Cutting board (1 unit), Kitchen towels (Set of 4), Spoon Set (Set of 5), Dustbin bags (Pack of 3 x 15 bags each), Composter (1 unit), Serving bowl (1 unit), Dish soap (810 mL), Pest spray (1 unit, 50 mL)
  • Sustainify your MORNINGS Toothbrush (1 unit), Toothpowder (1 unit=70 g) , Facewash (1 unit=105 g), Shower gel (1 unit=250 mL), Shampoo (1 unit=350 mL), Loofah (1 unit),  Yoga mat (1 unit)
  • Sustainify your OFFICE Pens with seeds (5 units), Notebook (1 unit),  Coffee mug (1 unit), Tiffin (1 unit)
  • Sustainify your PERIODS Organic Sanitary Napkins (14 units), Custom-Made Cloth Pads (3 units), Silicone Menstrul Cup (1 unit)
  • Sustainify your SKIN Scrub (1 unit=100 g), Soap (Pack of 2 x 37.5 g each), Sunscreen (1 unit=100 g), Lip balm (1 unit=10 g), Body lotion (1 unit=200 mL),  Cotton buds (1 pack=100 units), Clay mask (100 g), Makeup remover (1 unit=100 mL)
  • Sustainify your TABLEWARE Bowl (Set of 25), Plate (Set of 25), Spoons (Set of 25), Tray (Set of 25), On-the-go containers (Set of 25)
  • Sustainify your TRAVEL : Bamboo Straw,Spoon Fork Set,Silicon Waterbottle, Bamboo Music Amplifier

Switch Your Life, All-In-One Kit

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