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We know how harmful are the regular (age-old) concept of sanitary napkins is to the environment? We could easily get away by saying ‘’it happens, right’’? And there’s not much we can do about again, right again? Wrong! It’s time that we sustainify periods as well with this Eco Period Kit and move on to healthier, environment-friendly periods. The perfect gift every woman needs!



A single plastic pad takes hundreds of years and is yet not decomposed completely. Imagine millions of such pads being added to the landfills on a daily basis. Not far is the day when a one-foot deep digging is only going to yield plastic, plastic in all forms, from disposed polythenes to plastic cups to other menstrual wastes. As champions of change - the women of today, you and I, owe it to the community and our planet, to switch over to alternatives that aid in sustainable menstruation.



The solution is simple- to move on to alternatives that are permanent (or at least serve multiple uses), eco-friendly and dependable. Did you know that on average, a woman spends 6-7 years of her life menstruating, and uses more than 11,000 sanitary pads in her lifetime? However, what's shocking is that a normal non-biodegradable pad takes more than 500 years to decompose. Imagine the landfill because of these plastic pads. Our solution is eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxin-free: an Eco-Period Kit.


Kit Includes

- Cotton Sanitary Pads

- Cloth Pad (Washable & Reusable)

- Menstrual Cup (Lives upto 10+ years)

Eco-Period Kit

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