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Why should you buy this decorative gift set? Well, this is a perfect gift for your loved ones or for your own home.


Problem we're trying to solve with this kit
Aren’t we all bored with the same old house decorative items? Most household waste when thrown away, ends up in landfills. But most of it is non-biodegradable so ends up causing environmental problems. 9/10th of the solid waste in the landfills does not get recycled says study. Carbon dioxide and methane is released into the atmosphere by these landfills



We at Sustainify came up with a sustainable and easy Home Decoration Kit. Not only are items are aesthetically beautiful, but they also reduce the waste pollution.


Kit Includes


  • Plant Hanger Coconut Bowl 
  • Coconut Candle Holder Set




Sustainify your Decorations - Decor Kit

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