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Where do we even start- from use-and-throw pens adding to the landfills to millions of non-recyclable papers being wasted in printouts to using plastic tiffins for carrying our lunch, and probably the worst of all: throwaway paper cups, office spaces are an endless bounty to non-eco-friendly products and services. It’s like we don’t care about the earth at all! Or, do we? Of course, we do! Why else would we curate this office kit which will sustainify your entire office space and make you the office superhero?


Let's move on to alternatives that are permanent (or at least serve multiple uses), eco-friendly and dependable. Make every day at your office an eco-friendly, for we must understand the importance of trees and natural resources. Choose to save our beautiful forests for the choices we make today define our future. 


Kit Content



    • Pen With Seed (5 units) We have created this eco-friendly pen which reduces the plastic footprint on the planet Earth. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, these pens contain seeds at the end. Plant it and watch it grow into fragrant herbs, luscious flowers or even fresh vegetables
    • Recycled Notebook With Seed (40 pages) Made from recycled paper, this notebook is the perfect solution to take meeting notes, scribble your ideas, or simply doodle





    Sustainify Your Stationery - Gift Kit

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