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How a company replaced all their office pantries and lunch rooms with sustainable tableware

The advantages of sustainability in the office often go beyond environmental benefits. One misconception we'd like to address in the very beginning is that eco-friendly lifestyle has to mean sacrificing our comfort or spending more for the greater societal or environmental good. This can make many businesses discard any thoughts of sustainability or view it as a something they "have" to do instead of considering it as an integral part of their organizational process. But whilst its true that sustainability often means paying an upfront cost (it can be in terms of time or money) but we assure you that it leads to a greater payback further down the line.

Businesses don't have to go all-green, all-vegan, or sing kumbaya around a campfire to attract and keep employees. Committing to a sustainability policy and engaging with it is a good starting point. To prove this, we'd like to share a the story of one of our clients in the past (can not disclose the name due to NDA) where the management made a bold move of replacing the entire office pantry with sustainable tableware. These tableware were not only eco-friendly but could also be reused for various other purposes such as baking. In short, the company decided to "Sustainify" its workplace.

To further add on, here are a few survey results that were published in Forbes Magazine. (Click here)

· 64% of millennials said they wouldn't take on a job unless the company had a strong corporate social responsibility.

· 80% said they'd be more loyal to companies contributing to social and environmental issues.

A sense of purpose, along with autonomy and mastery, is a key driver of employee engagement. Further studies prove that the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products, better light and ventilation, and the inclusion of indoor plants reduced the amount of employee sick days and employee turnover. Sustainability doesn't just help the environment. It helps improve productivity.

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The management was widely applauded by the employees as well as the media. A classic example of "Green Marketing" .

Are you contributing more than a paycheck?

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