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Coastline Clean-Up Day: An introduction to Zero Waste Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Eight Million Tons of Plastic is Dumped in Ocean Every Year It's equal to five grocery bags per every foot of coastline around the globe. The most dangerous thing is that we're thinking it's not affecting us. But in reality, the ripples effect have started. Waves come back along with the plastics! It is everywhere including our plates now. We need to find an environment-friendly substitute. This is the ocean reminding us that the amount of plastic we dump becomes the food of the marine animals. Let's put a stop to consuming plastic directly or indirectly and lead a zero-waste lifestyle. It is time to subscribe permanently to plastic-free products and as brownie points, we get zero-waste packaging too. Add on your carbon credit and lessen your carbon footprint.

So, Earth Heroes. IT'S TIME!

It's time to gear up with a mask to unclog the ocean and set its waves free. This Coastal Clean-Up Day let's join hands in cleaning up the ocean together. You have the power of breaking the spell of plastic holding the waves. So, grab your magic broom and sweep away!

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