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One Of A Kind HR cultural event : Employees growing vegetables together

Motivation as a meaningful construct is a desire to satisfy a certain want and is a central pillar at the workplace. Most HR departments face the challenge of motivating employees adequately as the concept of employee satisfaction remains a gray area for many.

How to approach employee motivation?

The first step towards employee motivation should involve creating a holistic vision for employees that expands beyond the frontiers of their companies and boardrooms.

Our work helps them realize their vision through social business. We support them by creating purpose-driven innovations that help people escape poverty, get access to health care or live in a pollution-free environment.

Case Study

In this unique case study, the cause was environmental. We encouraged employees f one of our clients to switch to organic farming with our vegetable growing program. Employees together created a new food source near their workplace and undoubtedly was one of the most heartfelt employee activity as people had never felt so connected to the organization or to their co-workers ever before.

The agenda of such activities is to build a corporate culture that is meaningful and sustainable. We enable the pioneering founders, business leaders, and investors who wish to build it by re-envisioning the nature of corporate ownership.

Why choose us?

Today's world can be correctly described by the acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). In this rapidly changing world, an organization needs to acquire and retain learning individuals. However, it is not an easy task because motivational factors for each individual varies and their intentions change. Therefore, we came into the picture. Our vision to is engage and excite your employees about purpose-driven innovation.

Besides this, we get you connected to the global social business community by creating unusual alliances. Our strategy focuses on developing and implementing your own social business ideas.

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