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Dettol salutes 'Covid protectors' by placing them on the label

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

In an innovative cause marketing campaign #Dettolsalutes, a limited edition of the Dettol hand wash bottles featured pictures of COVID heroes along with their inspirational stories on their label. Dettol India amplified the inspirational work done by the COVID Heroes through their liquid soap. The campaign aimed at spreading hope and positivity, giving the citizens of the country much needed strength in tough times. It thanked the kindness of these protectors who kept walking relentlessly and selflessly during these tough times.

“We started picking up a slight change in mood as hope gave way to panic, fear, and a sense of hopelessness. And so that's where the whole thing started," said Dilen Gandhi, regional marketing director, South Asia, Health & Nutrition, Reckitt.

Dilen added - "People do expect you to do what is right in order for you to do well"

Showing Empathy is a huge step for purpose driven organisations to showcase they CARE and #DettolSalutes is a perfect example for this. A recent report by consulting firm Accenture noted that several behavior changes brought about by the pandemic and consumers now seek brands that are more conscious socially, and environmentally.

To take its campaign to the next level, Dettol chose to work with our team because of our reputation as an established and trusted solutions partner with experience in sustainability projects, cause marketing and for our range of 30k+ influencers who were used to make this campaign viral. More than 150,000 digital copies of the bottle were made on the site

You can also show your support for someone by generating a personalised pack for them.

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