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Employee Mental Health is precious!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

This National Suicide Prevention Day let's make sure that everyone feels love in our vicinity. Join the trend of corporate gifting and give them a gift of green. Conduct Employee Engagement programs where everyone can share and talk about their feelings. Do your Corporate Social Responsibility right and take the path of eco friendly gifting.

The book "anxiety" suggests ways to deal with our anxiety and how to tackle it. You can follow Sonali on her YouTube Channel “Mental Health with Sonali” where she sheds light on different aspects of mental health.

Nyamat Chadha inspires us with her contribution towards #mentalhealth . You can reach out to her on Instagram and Facebook page, where they organize workshops to aware people about mental health concerns.

Mental Health Talks India creates content around various mental health-related issues, ranging from everyday life struggles to the larger questions around mental health and structural problems. They leave their Instagram DMs open for anyone to come and share their feelings with them.

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