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Mark your territory with your footprint not plastic

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

When was the last time you went to a mountain top and daydreamt about your future and there was no interruption, it was just a gust of running wind? With the advent of plastic waste piling up in the mountain, by the year 2035 it won’t be the wind brushing your face instead it will be plastic. Mountain Climbing always makes you live the moment and thrill. National Mountain Climbing day is celebrated on August 1st. To match the spirit of the day here are some ways to honour it by reducing your carbon footprint.

Choosing the right kind of gear.

Use and throw often contributes to the mountains of plastic. Choosing sustainable products always makes your work easier as they are biodegradable in nature. Starting from the bamboo straws to the cotton fabric top everything makes you worth more as a contributing citizen towards nature. Eco-friendly travel kits are very convenient as they come very handy while travelling. Paper cups can be replaced with a shrinkable water bottle which will keep you hydrated and helps you carry fewer things. Music and travelling go hand in hand and what better way to enjoy it other than letting the tunes flow through Nature. The bamboo speaker can make that happen and you can enjoy your music and the best part is it will never run out of charge or need electricity as it is just wood speaking literally!

Keeping the six essential things

Robert Frost did tell us that road not taken is quite mystical, but we do not want to get lost in the woods, hence we should always keep a compass for the sense of direction and a map for the correct route to our destination. The second most important thing to do is waterproofing because the weather can change at any moment. Getting inside your tent and slurping hot tea will become eventful only when there isn’t any water dripping inside from the tent. Anything can happen in the middle of mountaineering, and we should always be ready with rope to pull us out of mishap. It comes very handily while climbing if the roads are slippery. Lastly, a journal to keep all the beautiful memories so that one day we can look back at it will put a big wide smile in our face.

Selecting the right destination for you

You can be an adventurous person, or you can be someone who wants peace, whatever you like mountains can offer you that lost zeal. From the scenic beauty of Pahalgam to the heavenly beauty of Shillong there are lots to choose from. My personal favourite is the queen of hills the Moussorie as it reminds me of the camaraderie shared between all strangers, who are now my very good friends. If you are looking for a weekend getaway you can go to Darjeeling and experience its pristine beauty and the sunrise will just make the trip worth your while. One of the famous skiing places in India is Manali as it’s known for its snow-clad hilltops. It can make you fall in love with ease. Whatever destination you prefer, fix a budget and get your mountaineering shoes cleaned!

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