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Hacks-Decorate your planter at home!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Who doesn't love to decorate their home?

But this time before you think about decorating your home, its important that you jot down all the interesting ideas so you know how to navigate through the internet looking for the perfect decor items.

Whether you want to decorate your terracotta pots or renovate your old pots this is the time to shine with your decorations! Here are five hacks on how you can decorate your own pots and give your interior a new look!

Hack 1: Club them together!

You can organize and set a theme for your pot and stack them on top of each other. Just like a family they will all be dependent on each other and share their nourishment together. This is most idle for the entrance for your house or it can fit in any of your house corners. Stack 'em up and leave the plants to their own wonderland!

Hack2: Stencil a clay pot!

Putting up a stencil for the clay pot is just taking up the interior decor up a notch. This is one of the easiest hacks to give your clay pot a regal look! If you are all about the Boho Vibe, then this definitely for you. Pick any stencil that you want to trace on and set it on the clay pot. After fixing on the stencil you can fix on any shade of acrylic colour and start painting and voila your chic clay pot is ready. You can place these pots according to the lighting of the room as it already makes a statement of its own.

Hack 3: Wrap it up!

Give your clay pots a company with a lovely wrapper. You can make this wrapper with worn-out jute bags or rice sacks. It is very easy to make these bags, first, you just have to cut these bags into small square-shaped boxes and then fold them like a tissue covering the pots. After getting a definitive shape you can tie them up with small threads to make them stay! These pots will look good in the dining table or you can keep it as a centre table attraction.

Hack 4: Stock it up

Often there are plants so pretty that it never lets you look at the pot. In case of such gorgeous plants, we can make the pot complementary to it. For this, you have to take a transparent glass jar and fill it up with sand, soil and gravel and put it layer-wise as shown in the picture. To finish the look, we can put small pebbles into it. After it’s done you can keep it somewhere near the wall hanging! Let the plant speak for itself.

Hack 5: Draw on emotions

You can get to your creative side and give your plant a face. Let the emotions speak with colourful emotions! Take up a brush and twirl it to the beats but don’t forget to paint the clay pot white first. It will look best with three pots clubbed together! Place it wherever you feel like because they can fit in everywhere.

After you are done with the pots now comes the part of plants. With Sustainify this year you can also grab your hands on the latest coconut planter.

If you want to save your time even further then why not get the entire home decor kit. It has some really cool sustainable products. Check out the entire kit here.

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