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HRs of 2020 need to read these 25 blogs

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

A company works well only when the employees are happy. Amidst this time of uncertainties, only a HR can make the employees happy and efficient. Staying updated on industry trends, technologies and policies can be a bit of a task. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate the way we do business. As part of this, the HR function is taking center stage. Companies are being increasingly measured by the decisions they’ve taken and the way they treated their staff.

What’s more, the impact of ongoing economic uncertainty, remote working and an all-too-real impact on employees’ mental health are forcing businesses across the globe to place human resources at the heart of their operation.

From supporting managers with remote management skills through to sensitively communicating the consequences of a downturn in business, HR is crucial to the effective management of a business during a pandemic or other significant event.

We have curated the best 25 HR blogs for you. These following blogs will boost up your morale and help you to keep a track on how to make your employees happy. We present to you the best HR blogs to keep you updated:

  1. Tim Sackett

Working for Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, retail, dining, and technology, Tim Sackett has 20 years of HR background. His HR blogs have tips and tricks that can help organizations with leadership and hire top talent smartly. Tim is also the president of HRU technical resources, author, speaker at many HR conferences and events. An influencer and a family man, Tim Sackett is the all in one package whose advice is gold.

  1. Evil HR Lady

The evil HR lady Suzanne Lucas has been giving her straight forward and genuine opinions related to hiring problems for at least a decade. She has covered in-depth almost every problem there is related to hiring on the face of this earth. She bravely discusses the problems and topics in her articles that barely get discussed. If you want articles that are honest and address the problem directly, her HR blog is the place to go.

  1. Fistful of Talent

Fistful of talent was created by Kris Dunn in 2007. As the name represents, fistful of talent is based on an idea to have the most talented HR bloggers in one place. This HR blog focuses on talent and shares blogs that are relatable, unique, funny yet brutally honest and genuine.

  1. HR Zone

HR zone is the HR blog that addresses topics like leadership, strategy, recruitment, technology, HR responsibilities and the future of the HR world. Their content is written by HR leaders as well as consultants and industry commentators. They offer advice and guidance to budding as well as successful HR professionals.

  1. HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby is an HR pro turned consultant. She started the HR bartender so that people can have a friendly place to vent their work-related problems and get free practical advice. That’s why Sharlyn Lauby named her site HR bartender so that the readers can see her as the neighbourhood friendly bartender. With easy-going and conversation-friendly articles, Sharlyn Lauby answers frequently asked questions with information in detail. As an author, Sharlyn Lauby has written various books that discuss prime HR-related topics. HR bartender was ranked on the list of top HR blogs by SHRM.

  1. is a recruiting site but it offers HR blogs for readers as well on their site under Recruiter today. Their HR articles talk about all topics related to hiring, employees, and their work. Recruiter today is a career and employment magazine and shares articles on its website on the most common topics. Their articles are straight-forward and in an easy to understand language and very popular among the readers.

  1. Tiny pulse

Tiny pulse offers blogs on employee engagement and company culture. In their own words “TINY pulse makes truly unique software tools for businesses that treasure their most valued resource — their people.”

Putting actionable information in their articles has made their content huge. Information on their HR blogs can immensely help an organization enrich company culture and employee engagement.

  1. Get hppy blog.

Get hppy blog is a community for HR and employees. This HR blog has articles and resources for HR managers, middle managers, and the CEO as well. With over 20+ professional contributors, they provide curated content. Their content revolves around topics such as smart recruiting tips, advice from the best, practical ideas for the improvement of your workplace.

  1. The Namely blog

Nearly 50 million people work for mid-sized companies and Namely declared a mission to help mid-sized companies build a better workplace. They provide HR professionals the technology and support they need to help employees thrive. They have been working since 2012 to build an HR platform that can create an impact. Their work has been directed towards solutions to the biggest HR-related problems that can occur at all stages.

  1. The HR Capitalist

Started by an HR artist Kris Dunn, HR capitalist is the second masterpiece of Kris Dunn after the fistful of talent. He aims to tune this into a community that can help HR professionals turn strategic suggestions into a specific takeaway. Kris Dunn has the vision to turn the HR world beneficial and revolutionary.

  1. LinkedIn Blog

Being a professional social network itself, LinkedIn started a LinkedIn talent blog as a source to share HR and recruitment related blogs. LinkedIn talent blog posts top 10 must-read blogs weekly and have relatable and helpful content related to HR. This HR blog shares all the problems and their practical solutions related to hiring and acquisition of talent.

  1. Recruiting Daily

Recruiting daily is a medium to get all things HR. This HR blog covers topics including recruitment marketing, tech, sourcing, and trends. It covers news and podcasts as well, where great HR leaders and influencers are interviewed about HR and recruiting-related topics and their problems.

  1. Workology

As said in their tagline Workology is truly the art and science of work. Workology is a community of contributors and thinkers that share content that provides practice-based information on recruiting and HR. Twice recognized by Forbes, this HR blog shares case study, trends and tech useful for HR and business leaders. They provide newsletters, podcasts, and good quality content.

  1. The savage truth

The savage truth was founded by Greg savage. This HR blog shares content on HR and business leaders. Greg aims to provide readers an advantage from his 40-year experience in recruitment. His blogs are based on his experience. A business advisor and author of his book the savage truth, he wrote this book to share leadership lessons and business advice. His HR blog has been one of the top HR blogs for the fourth time.

  1. TLNT

This HR blog shares content related to HR and talent management. Their content is research-based, this website also shares news and blogs with practical knowledge by experts. This is a must-follow blog for HR and business professionals.

  1. HR Dive

HR dive is the HR blog that gives you in-depth information and content on the most trending news related to human resources. It is a leading publication and their websites and newsletters cover numerous topics such as talent acquisition, learning, development, diversity inclusion. It is a publication run by Industry dive.

  1. Talent culture

Talent culture is the HR blog that delivers blogs on topics related to workplace culture, innovation, talent management, HR technology, leadership and many more. This is another HR blog website that shares podcasts along with most loved articles. Talent culture by default can become an engaging and favourite website of any HR.

  1. Human Resources today

This HR blog shares content on all aspects of HR and also focuses on analytics which makes this website unique. It provides numerous blogs and articles covering topics such as employee engagement, onboarding, performance management, talent management, wellness and many more.

  1. The Undercover Recruiter

The undercover recruiter covers topics on employee branding, talent acquisition, and workplace. It can be a very helpful website for readers from all aspects of recruitment. Their blogs relate to content helpful to HR, business managers, recruiters, and employees as well.

  1. Recruiting blogs

Recruiting blogs is a part of Recruiting And just like Recruiting daily it covers topics on talent acquisition, recruitment management. It also posts webinars, newsletters, blogs, news, videos, podcasts, and much more content. Their work reaches to all levels of a business, from entry-level to executives and can be a helpful resource to all.

  1. HR technologies

HR technologist is a part of the Ziff Davis B2B media network. It provides its users with unbiased news and research for HR professionals. This HR blog aims to share expertise to help HR professionals. They provide great quality content on their website and focus their blogs on HR technology. This factor made them unique and popular among readers.

  1. Women of HR

This is an HR blog website that focuses on the empowerment of women in HR and businesses. This website empowers women by helping them thrive in their business. Their content is helpful to all HR and businesswomen and their content provides practical, relatable and helpful topics to read about.

  1. HR examiner

Founded by John Sumner, HR examiner is an online magazine that gives high-level content for HR pros working in a competitive market. Focusing on technology and people in HR, this website offers its readers radio, workshops, podcasts, and reports along with curated content.

  1. Technology advice

Technology advice is a website that helps you choose the best software for your company. They offer blogs on different aspects related to a business, they post blogs on IT, HR, sales, marketing, and healthcare. Their HR blogs revolve around the most common topics related to HR and can be very helpful. All the other blogs from technology advice on IT, marketing, sales, and healthcare can also be beneficial for your company.

  1. The Bonusly Blog

The Bonusly Blog shares fresh perspectives and techniques on employee engagement, company culture, employee appreciation, and experience. You will learn about a wide range of topics and of course expect great advice from the experts.

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