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Indoor Plants for your inner peace

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

To walk into nature is to invest in a thousand miracles; experience that right from your home with Sustainify.

We all miss meeting our friends and having a good time outdoors during this lockdown. What if you make some new friends hang out with? In this quarantine you may be wondering of starting your own garden or adding to an existing one; it is never too late to start planning for that. Indoor grown plants not only enhances the beauty of your home but creates a window to natural peace. "Buy something that likes to live the way you do," advises Gwenn Fried. Check out our garden kit and make your gardening experience much more fun, exciting and easy. From shade-loving lilies to hanging Boston Fern, here are facts about Indoor plants you cannot miss.

  • Chinese Evergreen – If you are a more of a waterer, Chinese Evergreen is the plant that you are looking for. It is super forgiving even if you overdo the water content and it comes in tons of different varieties as well.

  • Asparagus Fern – An indoor plant for your bright spots as well as the shades. The secret to letting your asparagus fern thrive is keeping the soil moist.

  • Chinese money plant- Your money plant preferably desires a shade for growing voluminously. The interesting fact about this plant is that you can replant the offshoots that come out of the stem and have money plants all over your house.

  • Yucca- The healthy tip behind the growth of your Yucca is sun-sun and some more sun. Water frequently and use a deep container to avoid the top-heavy wooden stem from tippling over.

  • African violets- the most common and popular indoor plant found in almost all households. Keep your cute violet in bright but indirect sunlight area and watch it bloom many times over a year.

  • The use of good quality potting soil is very necessary for the healthy growth of your plant.

  • Great chance to use all the disposed containers in your house in place of pots.

  • Source of light plays a major role in the growth of your plants- natural or artificial.

  • Checking on the drainage and the fertilizers once in a while increases it’s growth.

A piece of nature in your little den, a cup of coffee and a book in your hand bring back the peace that you desire all day.

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