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The pandemic left us with a new entitlement- #HumansOfCOVID19

It was 100 years back when the last pandemic struck. If you are reading this then you and all of us are making history, and we will be remembered as Humans of Covid-19.

This sudden entitlement was unprecedented for us but it brought out the real responsibility into the limelight. The responsibility of understanding the implications of our actions.


Now, the time has come. It’s time to serve. It's time for "Self & Earth Conservation"


Imagine yourself locked in a closet in a flooded basement, your oxygen supply is decreasing every minute and the closet is filling up with more & more water. What are you gonna do that time? Search for the key?

The current pandemic is no lesser than a locked closet, and the only key right now is to switch to sustainable living. But the term ‘sustainability’ is so obsolete. Even the meaning of the word seems like an oxymoron in this situation.

sustainability /səsteɪnəˈbɪlɪti/ Noun The ability to exist constantly

On the other hand,

sustainify /səsteɪnəˈfi/ Verb An action that makes sustainability cool and relatable

Aren’t we all waiting for relatable things in our life? Things we can easily connect and understand. Well, the wait is finally over. Here you go with Sustainify!

Does Sustainify sound like that Coldplay’s song-"Oh, angel sent from up above

You know you make my world light up"

Not so sure yet? You might be when you hear about our special plans for Raksha Bandhan!

This Raksha Bandhan (Monday, August 3rd 2020), we have planned to grow the bond of siblings. Like literally GROW! We are starting with special Rakhi online brother and sister kits that are suitable for varied age-groups. Be it for your baby brother/sister or an office goer. The best part is, it comes with a plantable rakhi and lumba, which you can sow it after the occasion is over. And revive the gift for a lifetime.

Yet to cherish another bond, i.e., friendship...we dedicate Friendship’s Day(Thursday, 30th July 2020), spotting those unique personalities in your group. And you can participate with us @sustainifyyourlife on Instagram.

We don’t stop here. Previously we came up with this genius idea of Green Ganesha, a Ganesha that gives back to the environment. The idol comes with an embedded seed ball. Click on this link to know more:

The idea was so beautifully crafted that it attracted few eyes. Among them was Ola Cabs. We collaborated with Ola, and they supported this act with ‘eco-gifting’, by sending out Green Ganesha to various social-media bloggers in Mumbai. We plan to continue Green Ganesha for Ganesh Chaturthi this year(Saturday, 22 August 2020) too!

Festivities and celebrations are all fun. But have you ever tried to enter a lane/party halls or other areas where a celebration just got over? We can guarantee that it will be filled with garbage, be it plastic plates, glasses, remains of the crackers, food and many more.

Similarly, it happens on Independence Day too! We show our love for India, proudly hoist the flags in our compound, purchase those tiny plastic flags in traffic signals. But the next day we see it lying on the roads. Not only this is disrespectful but much more harmful for the environment. Hence, this Independence Day(Saturday, 15th August 2020) we decided to have our own kit which is completely sustainable and eco-friendly. The key highlight is that the flags available are organic and made out of handmade papers. Plus it contains a plantable pencil.

By now you should've somehow realised - We @Sustainify plan to serve, not just sell!

Sustainify every day pushes itself to share more and more the idea of ‘sustainable living ’ and ‘conscious consumerism’. Support local artisans and companies that promote biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

We strive to share the thought of sustainability among the users and lead a sustainable living through our kits. Each kit is carefully curated for maximum behaviour change & is a full solution to transform your living space/habits and/or your entire lifestyle so don’t think of buying just one product in the kit. You can explore and keep yourself updated daily by following our page @sustainifyyourlife on Instagram/Facebook/Youtube etc. Or visit us at

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