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Ways to engage your employees

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lockdown blues and to add on that there’s work from home also! With this huge shift, the economy is also moving forward with a motive. It’s not only bought and sell but it has a purpose with a meaning and a definitive goal. The talk of the hour being sustainability, many companies have joined the cause is contributing to nature. We also need to keep up with the economy with the same spirit. Wondering how to keep your employees happy and engaged at the same time in this dire time of need? Worry not, here are some ways to keep up that team spirit.

Communicate and Motivate

Only you will understand what your employees are going through. Empathize with them and make them feel that they are the part of the same team as you are. Working from home can be hectic for them as many people might not have the right ambience for working. So, we should encourage them to decorate their home workplace and share pictures in the office group. If the workplace is cheerful then their mind will not get distracted and they will be able to focus on their work more efficiently. You can send them motivational quotes and keep them engaged.

Spill the tea

After working for long intervals, a fresh cup of tea can refresh their minds. Encourage them to take a break and join an informal meeting for a fun chat. Share your stress and crack a joke! Let conversations brew with tea. This will lead to team building keeping the team spirit. You can conduct this break twice or thrice in a day. This is something your employees will also look upon because only colleagues will understand and share the same work stress. So, make the chai break fruitful and as engaging as possible.

Organize game show

You can create a game forum for employees weekly once. Nonverbal games are a big hit with a virtual meeting. You can be the host and make your employees guess the correct word while the other one acts it out. These games for employees are a big hit and will kick out the boredom and it will be engaging for the employees. It will keep them together as it is a group task and it will also help them build the true meaning of team spirit. This will help enhancing their social and emotional skills.

Invent Rewards

Spend time inventing rewards for employees like “most efficient person of the week” and send them rewards. It will be a goal-setting activity which in turn will motivate the employees to work better. You can even be smart about rewarding them. Instead of buying them fancy things you can opt for office sustainable kit and Sustainify their work station. After all, this is the place where people spend most of their time so why not make that precious time better and more giving to nature.


Take a moment to celebrate success and cheer them up. After achieving the acquired goal, every employee needs to be appreciated. You can organize a lunch party where everyone can eat together! Celebrations as small as team lunch can also motivate them. Appreciate their hard work and give them a sense of belonging.

There’s not one definitive way to motivate your employees, you can try various methods. After all, nobody knows them better as you do! Take care of them and keep it shining bright.

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