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Tips you should know before doing any corporate gifting in this year of social distancing

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Humans are known as ‘social animals’. Although in the year 2020, our calendars are filled with Zoom meetings, days are passed on with virtual meets and nights are ended with calls.

Rather than being ‘social’, we prefer social distancing! Almost a year is being passed while working from home. During this time, gift-giving can help bridge some of the physical and emotional distance people are experiencing. Here are some tips you should know before doing any corporate gifting: 1. Allocate appropriate company resources on gifting: If we think logically, most of the office resources that were channelized in for internet budget, office supplies, toiletries and other miscellaneous spending are literally going to waste. What are we supposed to do with that? We can utilize that budget and add it into the corporate gifting while sending out gifts to the employees and clients this festive season. 2. Supporting sustainable gifting services:

Amid the current climate crisis more and more companies are recognizing the importance of sustainable practices. Employees want their workplace to be as eco-friendly as their own homes and clients want to know that they're working with a forward-thinking company. The planet is not an infinite resource and, with growing urgency, companies must integrate sustainability into their business models. That includes sustainable corporate gifting.

Sustainable gifts come in many shapes and sizes. They can be zero-waste bathroom products, utensils made from natural materials, or office staples made from recycled plastic. They can be hampers of organic foods purchased from local farms that use holistic farming practices. Or, they can be gifts that enable the receiver to become more sustainable. Corporate gifting to employees is a small token of appreciation but is can have a significant positive impact on team morale and motivation.

  1. Integrate CSR with corporate gifting:

The corporate world in current times puts a lot of emphasis on the significance on CSR initiatives as they are a resourceful prospect to strengthen the company’s business skills and also greatly contribute to the society at large. CSR gifting is an essential part of the company’s positive advancements. Gifts are an extension of the branding and brand communication that the company works towards. For example, if a company is running a CSR programme that supports child education it would give away gifts which also support child education.

  1. Personalized gift hampers go a long way rather than generic gift cards:

The sense of sending out gifts has lost its personal touch now.

A gift is remembered for a day. But a good gift is remembered for a lifetime. Many corporates, send out a simple gift card to their employees. If we shed some light on this matter, the employees who are spending most of the time in their work, almost merging their personal life with their work-life...definitely they will be expecting something in return. They expect in terms of yearly salary hikes, appreciation or office gifts. If the gift they’re receiving makes them unhappy, they don’t feel appreciated and that how employees lose an emotional attachment with their work. How to get back your employee’s emotional attachment? Sending them personalized gift hampers is always a better choice compared to generic Gift Cards.

  1. Gift and earn credit:

We at Sustainify can provide you with a holistic solution. Along with sustainable corporate gifting, we also provide free Press Release of your company in order to show the good deed to the whole world. In this manner, we start a chain of goodwill, where one corporate gets inspired by the other. Would you like to be that inspiration?

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