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Top 25 Sustainability Blogs you cannot miss out on!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Sustainability is the new way of living smartly and it makes us one step more close to Earth. In a world full of plastic pollution and waste, how to choose a more sustainable path of living?

Worry not, we offer you a list of 25 blogs to follow and live out on the ideals of a global citizen. Don’t just follow the crowd, be the one who inspires it and changes the notion. Choose the power of sustainable goods for a better future tomorrow. Don’t get into a competition rather make yourself set apart from the common crowd. After all, their wellbeing leads directly to a healthy growth of the company.

So, let’s directly dive into the blogs!

1.Going Zero Waste

After a health scare prompted her to make the switch to whole, from-scratch foods, all-natural deodorant, homemade cleaning products, and more, Kathryn Kellogg started Going Zero Waste to share all that she was learning. Filled with actionable tips, and informative pieces on things like the circular economy and finding your very own zero waste community, this blog has all the tools you'll need to start living more sustainably.

2.Sustainably Chic

Natalie personally reviews eco-friendly and ethical companies from all over the world, sharing her favorites and often offering reader discounts on her blog, Sustainably Chic. The blog is beautifully designed and the products Natalie reviews are both sustainable and aesthetically on point. We love checking back with her site and Instagram to learn about new sustainable brands. Plus, she's a mother-to-be, so we're excited to learn how she lives sustainably with baby!

3.Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini has been blogging on ethical fashion since 2010 and is deeply connected to the sustainability community. Her site Eco Warrior Princess covers a range of topics from closet organization to thrifting tips, organic food, and political activism. The writing is spot on and Jennifer lives what she writes. Don’t expect to stop by her site and not be a least a little bit provoked to action. Plus, catch the Eco Warrior Princess podcast for more inspiration!

4.Selva Beat

Selva Beat is “an environmental magazine with an edge,” and we certainly haven’t seen anything quite like it. They’re making environmentalism part of mainstream youth culture in order to get their readers active and excited about making change. They’re primarily a print publication, but keep an eye out on their website for weekly content surrounding ethical fashion, sustainable food, and for quirky, colorful inspiration.

5. Mindful Momma

We love that Mindful Momma’s community is all about helping each other out on the journey towards sustainability—instead of expecting perfection. As a blog written by a mom, for moms, you can expect to find accessible tips to live a more thoughtful life while juggling a busy schedule. Sign up for her email list and get access to her full content library, or just follow along with the blog for tips on healthy food, nontoxic beauty, and natural living.

6. Melanin and Sustainable Style

Melanin & Sustainable Style (or MelaninASS) is a platform dedicated to sustainable development, social innovation and holistic living. Founded by Dominique Drakeford, this blog focuses on the intersection between the ethical and sustainable world and the experience of communities of color, helping build up a more inclusive range of voices and viewpoints within the space. In addition to sharing ethical and sustainable brands, expect to find thoughtful explorations of mental health, brands they love owned by people of color, and self care tips and empowerment for women of color.

7. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK based blog that breaks green living into simple steps. Wendy is the founder of the site and has broken her content into 5 categories including style, food, and travel. Each category gives actionable advice on how to make greener choices. It’s a solid lunch hour read.

8. Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home, the blog that launched the bestselling book, is written by Bea Johnson, a woman who adopted a zero waste lifestyle back in 2008. Her goal is to shatter the misconceptions people have about the zero waste lifestyle and prove that you can live a stylish, healthy, and financially healthy lifestyle while not creating any waste.

9. Sustainable Daisy

Karen is an environmental scientist by day and an ethical fashion and sustainable living blogger by night at Sustainable Daisy. Her background gives her a unique and thoughtful viewpoint that she shares with her readers and followers. Read earth-friendly product reviews, get thrift shopping tips, and learn new ways to simplify your sustainable lifestyle on her blog, or give her a follow on Instagram for more inspiration!


Passionate about justice as much as sustainability, founder Aditi Mayer curates ADIMAY with a critical and curious eye. Touching on fashion, ethical living and cultural representation, her pieces inspire a deeper look into sustainability. We love her focus on bringing diversity and women of color to the forefront of sustainable spaces and conversations.

11. Reading My Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves is a whimsical, slow living blog written for parents, city-lovers and environment enthusiasts. As a mom of two little ones in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, Erin Boyle dedicates time to discovering DIY decor projects, minimalist living tips and natural beauty essentials.

This is an influencer Hannah's outlet for navigating ethical and fair trade brands while staying true to her values. More than most bloggers, she digs deep into the behind-the-scenes of artisan wages and even travels to social enterprises in Southeast Asia.

13. Eco Cult

We love EcoCult as a hub for everything conscious in travel, fashion, beauty, food and home decor. Editor Alden Wicker is a lively and engaging voice in the green living movement, with mind-opening knowledge to share.

14. The Good Trade

We've long been fans of The Good Trade and their thoughtful pieces around conscious living, self-care, ethical shopping, and slow fashion! Based in Los Angeles and covering everything from beauty and wellness to culture, they are a lively resource for anyone looking to switch to ethically-made alternatives.

15. Old World New

Old World New is a sustainable living blog started by thrifter and fashion lover Addie as a place to offer practical alternatives to overconsumption, waste and plastic. We love her thoughtful philosophy of human beings first, and sustainable living second.

16. Shae Necessities

For a plethora of curated, conscious living inspiration, Shae Necessities is a wonderful resource to turn to. We love writer Shae Burns's down-to-earth voice and her curated guides to finding eco-chic alternatives for fashion, beauty and health.

17. The Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project brings the cold hard facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engages the public in conversation about how to solve it. They want to help people around the world to take the steps to bring about change.

18. Cop21Blog

Cop21 Blog is the official blog of the 2015 Conference on Climate Change in Paris (cop21), bringing all the latest news on the event and on sustainable innovation.

19. CSREurope

CSR Europe is the European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility. It allows companies to share best practices and work together to innovate within this field.

20. Grist

Grist is a funny, witty site for environmental news and commentary that has been around since the stone age (i.e.1999) The topics on their radar include climate, energy, food, cities, business and green living.

21. Planet Ark

Planet Ark is filled with homegrown news, ideas and views. They have loads of fantastic ideas on how you can do something positive for the planet and show how small changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference to the planet.

22. Recycle Now

Recycle Now is a government funded national recycling campaign for England. The site gives you loads of useful tips on how to recycle all those random things that you have lying around your house.

23. Sustain Ability

The SustainAbility blog looks at different trends within the field of sustainability and how different governments and countries are approaching environmental issues.

24. The Guardian’s environment blog

This blog from The Guardian newspaper looks at issues related to the environment, climate change and global warming.

The #ForTheClimate blog from the 1 million compromisos initiative which was launched by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment and is supported by Ferrovial. You can find out what everyday changes you can make to help fight climate change

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