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Why pollute when you can be a super hero

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

All of us talk about the boycott of plastic and how we should stop using it, but the question is how many of us really follow it or have boycotted plastic. We all sit and talk about it but when we see a chips packet fallen down on the road or for that matter a plastic bottle how many of us really pick it up, there are hardly people who do that. All of us are in a crusade for an eco-friendly environment, but none of us is really keen on it.

The learning we preach today is mostly from are gurus, our gurus mean a lot to us, they teach us many things, we also acquire plenty of knowledge from them, similarly, we have an English Professor from Christ university, Saji Varghese, who came up with an incredible idea of making straws from coconut leaf, they were a lot of alternatives for plastic straws to save the environment, but what Prof Saji came up with really made it work, his worked paid up so well that he got an order of 18 million straws from various countries. He also said that ‘ one could make 600 straws from a single coconut.

These days we see all kind of cute couples, doing super –duper things for each other, like baking together, cutting each other’s hair & and whatnot, but have a heard about Anil Malhotra and his sweet wife Pamela who do super-duper things for each other but, who also the Indian built an entire private wildlife sanctuary together, it takes decades of replanting and protecting wildlife to get to where it is today. Pamela says, ‘when we first got here the lands that were sold to us were abandoned lands. Abandoned rice, coffee & cardamom fields. A lot of deforestation had taken place and it took a lot of care and energy and time and years to get it back’. But the couple didn’t give up and gave there best at wildlife conservation.

Have you ever heard a Mumbai lawyer being a marine a hero, Afroz Shah is a good example of it. They say that every individual has their own way to do something for the society, Afroz also had his way. He was an ocean conversationalist, who took it upon himself to do something about the disgusting filth that covered the Versova Beach for a long time in Mumbai. In 2015 he decided to start an ocean cleanliness drive with 25 Volunteers, as he started cleaning the Mithi river, and then when he got there he saw a lot of people joining them on the first day itself. Mission was saving the ocean from plastic pollution and people could have sustainable tourism.

Heard the song from Chainsmokers ‘ something just like this'? We should all do something just like this for the environment to be superheroes to society to save the environment. we should focus and try and built an eco-friendly environment. We all can be a superhuman superhero to the environment and be a nature conversationalist to have a sustainable life.

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